Wednesday, 2 May 2012

TAFE Moodle Interface Redesign Concept

This concept was from a interface design project for the TAFE Moodle system. We were asked to make the GUI more visually appealing and streamlined. My idea was to separate out the various weekly sections and menus and make them minimizable to reduce on-screen clutter. Within the weekly sections, files for the week are separated out by their purpose, such as whether they are intended to be notes and reading material or they are intended to be assignments to be downloaded. Finally, the submission section was redesigned to be easily readable and accessable from within the main course page, as opposed to having to go through several other pages in order to see whether the assignment was marked and what grade you got.

Aesthetics-wise, I believed that the best option was to keep the interface simple and use colour to highlight the important sections and provide information (eg. yellow for the submission section means that the assignment hasn't been submitted, blue means it has and has been given a passing grade). The colour palette was taken from the TAFE website in order to match the organization's colour theme.

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