Friday, 15 November 2013

GRH Supplies - Catalogue

I was also briefly assigned to create a concept for a catalogue to be distributed to registered purchasers. Unfortunately, it also never ended up being used due to conflicting visions and other priorities.

GRH Supplies - Logo

I was assigned the task of creating a 'jazzed up' logo to be enlarged and decaled for the Coats Hire Rally. They wanted a version of their logo that stood out and wanted it on a brushed metal background. I came up with a number of logos:

Ultimately, the final design was chosen and was printed and decaled on the company's sponsored rally car. You can see the logo in the images below.

GRH Supplies - Website Banner

This banner was made for the GRH website. Unfortunately, it never ended up getting used due to conflicting visions on how the website should look and other priorities.

GRH Supplies - Website

Over the past year, I've been working for GRH Supplies, making a online sales website. The first website for them was made in late 2012 and used a typical HTML format with a simple PHP cart system.


In early 2013 and onward, the website underwent a major revamp to move over to a Zen Cart based cart system, which included some visual touch ups.