Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wagga Property Management Flyers

I was also commissioned on Freelancer to develop a range of flyers for Wagga Property Management. Small slips that could be envelope delivered to clients. They wanted very little in the way of white space and a colour scheme of predominantly orange and white. Using those requirements, I developed the following flyers.


Britton Real Estate Flyer

Marcell Irawan from Britton Real Estate contacted me on to develop him a flyer for a recently sold home. Following his preferred examples and working to follow the aesthetic used in the company's other marketing material, I developed the following design.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Chad R. Allen Jewel CD Case and Label Design

I was recently commissioned by Chad R. Allen on Freelancer to design a CD case cover and disc label for him. He wanted a simple design, mostly text with either a white or coloured background, with his picture on the back.

I went through a few designs before ending with one he wanted, which went through a few variations before arriving at the final product.