Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Kind of Balance Logo

A client on Freelancer.com invited me to work on a logo for a women's group, My Kind of Balance. According to the provided brief, the group helps middle-aged women balance their professional and family lives, so I developed my initial round of logos off of that concept, using imagery such as women balancing and scales with a baby on one end and a briefcase on the other. I also used art pieces for inspiration, such as the Johannes Vermeer piece, 'Woman Holding a Balance'.


The client then specified that they would just like a simple text logo using a handwritten font. With the new requirements, I developed a new round of concepts, using various font styles and arrangements with a turquoise, black and silver colour palette.


The client quite liked the design of the second, but wanted to try some other fonts. I tested a few variations and, finally, we reached a finalized design that they wanted in black and white.


ExpressTheReal.Me Flyer

I was commissioned by a client on Freelancer.com to develop a flyer for their temporary tattoo company, ExpressTheReal.Me. They already had a website up and running and they wanted a flyer to match it aesthetic-wise and direct traffic to it, both by listing the address and showing off their products. I came up with a few variations using their website as a base, displaying different combinations of the tattoos on their sheets and them applied to the body.


cloak.me Logo

A client contacted me through email requesting a logo for a company he was working with called cloak.me, a VPN provider. A simple black and white picture logo was what was requested. I tried a few variations using shields, locks and cloaks concealing or locking mice and monitors, but my particular focus was using a 1920's film noir aesthetic, using a Bogart/Dick Tracy-style fedora and trenchcoat, to advantage of the black and white colour scheme. In the end, my client loved the design and picked it straight away.


Harris Black Logo

I was approached by a client on Freelancer.com who wanted me to design a logo for a company of theirs, Harris Black Superannuation Administration. They had an existing logo, but wanted something similar yet new for their new service. Using the existing logo as a base, I developed a few different designs of the letters HB as well as a box like they used along with an orange colour palette. After a little while, the decision was made to switch to purple, which the final few concepts included.


UA Development Logo and Website Mockups

I was commissioned by a client on Freelancer.com to create a logo and website mockup for a software distribution company called UA Development. He provided me with a requested colour palette and I went to work, using various kinds of designs to represent their business, including discs, cases and boxes, along with some digital font formats for the company name.


Eventually, a design was chosen and I started developing mockups for what is intended to become the company website. Using some examples the client wanted his website to match, I developed a range of concepts that laid out how he wanted the information to be presented. As the concepts developed, he delivered a list of his services and content so it can be added into the concepts.


Saturday, 1 November 2014

esSCENTial touch Logo

I was assigned the task of developing a new logo for a natural beauty salon called esSCENTial touch on Freelancer.com. They came up with an initial idea of a tree shaped into a female figure with curly hair. I took that idea and developed various different poses and hairstyles in the shape of curled leaves. Eventually, they provided me a sample of their font to use, a particular pose and hairstyle that they wanted, which allowed me to shape the logo more in their desired direction. They particularly liked the idea of contrasting coloured leaves to give the hair curls more variety than plain green.


EDIT: After some time, the client decided upon a final concept they wished to use. A few modifications were made to the arms and body, particularly to add a hole in the crook of the left arm while lengthening the right until it went down to the waist, and colouring the body brown to match the tree motif.