Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Adelaide Gymfix - Business Card Concepts 2

Recently, however, the client requested a change from the modern minimalist styling to one based more on a 'chalkboard' style, using a hazy white on dark gray background and customized text with scrapes and marks. To suit the change in style, I produced the following concepts.


 I also played around with the fonts to find one that suited the client's tastes.

Adelaide Gymfix - Business Card Concepts

As part of an ongoing freelance project with Adelaide Gymfix, I am producing a range of products to help advertise their business. To start with, I am tasked with designing a range of business cards for them. Initially, the design was based around a modern minimalist style using stripes and a florescence orange, white and black colour scheme that is intended to be used in all their graphic and web-based advertisements.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

High Taps Logo Concepts

These logo concepts were made for a restaurant/cocktail bar called High Taps. Matching it's high-class urban theme, I designed the logos to be understated and minimalist, using a monochrome colour scheme and serif font backed by a cityscape, drawing some inspiration from the logo of the TV show, Frasier. I created a variety of logos based on a similar design, playing around with the use of outlines, filled colours and details to give it punch.