Saturday, 1 November 2014

esSCENTial touch Logo

I was assigned the task of developing a new logo for a natural beauty salon called esSCENTial touch on They came up with an initial idea of a tree shaped into a female figure with curly hair. I took that idea and developed various different poses and hairstyles in the shape of curled leaves. Eventually, they provided me a sample of their font to use, a particular pose and hairstyle that they wanted, which allowed me to shape the logo more in their desired direction. They particularly liked the idea of contrasting coloured leaves to give the hair curls more variety than plain green.


EDIT: After some time, the client decided upon a final concept they wished to use. A few modifications were made to the arms and body, particularly to add a hole in the crook of the left arm while lengthening the right until it went down to the waist, and colouring the body brown to match the tree motif.

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