Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Kind of Balance Logo

A client on Freelancer.com invited me to work on a logo for a women's group, My Kind of Balance. According to the provided brief, the group helps middle-aged women balance their professional and family lives, so I developed my initial round of logos off of that concept, using imagery such as women balancing and scales with a baby on one end and a briefcase on the other. I also used art pieces for inspiration, such as the Johannes Vermeer piece, 'Woman Holding a Balance'.


The client then specified that they would just like a simple text logo using a handwritten font. With the new requirements, I developed a new round of concepts, using various font styles and arrangements with a turquoise, black and silver colour palette.


The client quite liked the design of the second, but wanted to try some other fonts. I tested a few variations and, finally, we reached a finalized design that they wanted in black and white.


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