Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Animated Flash Website Concept - Seburo

For a project, I was assigned to create an animated flash website. In this instance, I decided to base it on the fictional gun manufacturer, Seburo, featured in many of Masamune Shirow's works (I do not own).

I based the layout on one of my favourite of his works, Ghost in the Shell. The interface is simple and sleek, with a clean, minimalist design and rollover buttons that can be accessed via quick-keys for changing the displayed information. It also gives the impression of being part of a flowing data stream, thanks to the animated background featuring files similar to the one showing the information flying past. The user can stop or start the animation at any time or even change the colour of the background using the controls in the lower left corner. A display also shows the current date and time in real time, a touch I thought appropriate given the high-tech cyberpunk nature of the site.

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